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Promoting mini 4wd in Vancouver and Canada. Gathering mini 4wd racers in North America and have fun!

    Items available for order


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    Items available for order Empty Items available for order

    Post  echicken Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:53 pm

    Price of the items will be updated this week. If you are interested, reply with your wish list and way to contact. The deadline for this order will be July 31(Sunday). If you want to order stuff that is out of the list, please indicate the item number so that would be easier to check the stock's availability.

    Item number Item name
    15150 FRP Mount Plate
    15205 1.4mm Hollow Propeller Shaft
    15206 2.0mm Hollow Propeller Shaft
    15219 Small Dia Plated Spoke Wheel w/Res.Sponge Tire
    15307 Ultra Dash Motor
    15317 Power Dash Motor
    15318 Sprint Dash Motor
    15358 Low-Height Tire & Wheel (Fin)
    15359 Low-Height Tire & Wheel (Dish)
    15360 Gold Terminal (MS Chassis)
    15361 Underside Stabilizing Head Set
    15366 Lg. Carbon Wheel w/Soft Slick Tire
    15398 Double Alu. Rollers (13-12mm)
    15401 Mass Damper Set (Heavy)
    15402 Lightning Dash Motor Pro
    15403 Double Alu. Rollers (9-8mm)
    15412 Carbon-reinforced Double Roller Stay (3AP)
    19415 Hurricane Sonic
    19433 Tridagger X Prem (Super 2)
    19434 Victory Magnum Prem (super 2)
    94759 19mm Alu. BR Rollers Dish Red
    94791 Aluminium Hex Mount (Blue 10,15mm)
    94798 MS Chassis Set (Purple/Green)
    94389 620 Ball Bearing
    15391 Large Diameter Stab.Head Set (11&15mm)

    Check Tamiya website for pic

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